Hello folks! Have you ever heard of the mythical hummingbear? It’s an enormous beast with the body of a bear, with a hummingbird beak and wings. And it’s always hungry for more blues! (or was it honey, actually?)

For all those of you, who are going to register for both Hummingbird Blues and Bear Blues Exchange we think of preparing something special.

It’s all about hanging out together in between festivals: chilling, making music, cuddling, dancing more (obviously), skill sharing, massaging & relaxing, going for a swim, enjoying the sun, cooking and eating together… you name it! :-)

We will even try to organise a co-working space for all those who would love to join, but need to work and are able to work remotely.

Would you like to take part in it? Please let us know if you’re interested!

Here’s a form we’d like you to fill in.